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Hybrid Carbohydrates
Hybrid carbohydrates include all of our current  grains and fruits and vegetables and everything else in the world of plant life that we grow and harvest and eat in our everyday diet for every single one of us every single day of our lives. -- Everything!
Every single plant life thing that we eat that isn't fish or animal or bird life. 
Nuts, lentils, apples, oranges, every fruit there is. Every vegetables there is. Everything that grows from the ground we have hybrid to increase sugar content for salability and marketability.
Sugar content and availability and consumption rates are at a thousand times greater than nature ever intended. -- In these massive amounts that we consume on a daily basis these hybrid carbohydrates become a stimulant drug not unlike cocaine and amphetamines. 
There is your insanity but we don't know it and we can't understand it and we will have none of it. 
This is a big pill to swallow. 
Too big a pill to swallow would be better said. 
Hybrid carbohydrates are powerful stimulant drugs like milk, sugar, honey, corn syrup, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine and methamphetamine.
The effects on our lives and our earth are profound.
All of the above are stimulants drugs that act like adrenaline in our blood stream and puts us in our self protective mode. 
From this vantage point we think and act and do accordingly.
Our eyes and ears and other senses are enhanced for our self protection and self preservation. 
We are "paramount" at this point. 
Natures perfect plan.
In true nature our adrenaline gland does this in times of need and sometimes desire, and then goes back to normal again. 
With all of these stimulants that we consume in the way of food and drink, we are always "high" and in our adrenaline mode but we don't know it.
This is where all of our greed for "more" or to feed our "ego", be it compassion or lust, comes from.
We are the "best".
The "most". 
Humble as we be. 
Our enhanced senses tell us so. 
But we don't know it! 
We believe this to be true, we think this is our natural instincts. 







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