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Chapter Seven

Here is a scenario....

Four men, one each from four different continents of the Earth, each a different race, a black man, a white man, a brown man and a yellow man. They are meeting to discuss lets say crops. They have all come from there homes in each of their respective continents and from all over the world and are representing there countrymen. They are discussing crops and water and health in general and a lot of specific issues relating to there respective lands and people. A fifth man enters the picture, he is there to do the same thing, he is a white man from Europe. They introduce one another and nod there heads and look at one another, they smile and are in agreement at being there and there are no hostilities. They each have interpreters that are proficient at translation to there native language and they are also all proficient in the language they will have there discussion in here now so they are all very able to hear and decipher and grasp fully the conversations and discussions they are about to have. The fifth man is a White European Christian. They each have there own faiths or no faiths and Gods or no Gods according to there culture and there thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of years of there nations and peoples existence. The white Christian now says to them as a group and to each individually at the same time, do you know Jesus Christ. They look at each other and him and say no, they have never heard these words, they have no meaning to them whatsoever. He tells them that Jesus Christ is a Man, he is the son of God, he lived and died for them some 2000 years ago to forgive sin. He died for there sins. To forgive them of there sins, so they could all believe in him and God and all go to Heaven. Did they all know they were going to Hell he asks them. They say they do not know what sin and hell is. He asks them if they have ever heard of the Holy Bible, they say no. He pulls out a Bible and holds it up and shows it to them. This is Gods word he says, written by Gods Prophets. Hell he tells them is a terrible place that everybody there and all of there people are going to after they die and it is horrible and they are going to be there forever and ever because they are now living in sin and do not know god. -- Unless they repent there sins and follow his book of god, the only true God and the Creator of all things there is, they are all going to hell after they die, as are all of their people on each of their home lands.

Now, if they do follow him and learn and believe in Jesus Christ as the Son Of God and ask for forgiveness for there sins and Believe the Holy Bible he holds is the inspired word of God. They will not go to Hell, they will be Saved and go to a wonderful Heaven when they die, they and all there people who follow this Bible and Jesus Christ will be Saved and have eternal life. If they do not learn and follow and adhere to these teaching he tells them they will all go to Hell for eternity. He doesn’t tell them, if they don’t, he and his countrymen will take there land and massacre and murder all of them and there countrymen, man, woman and child. He’ll probably do that anyway even if he does convert to the faith unless the mans homeland is like China with billions of people then it is to big and too hard for him to do but he did do it to India and the Americas and Australia and Africa.  A sad Truth.

India, Australia, Africa, America and thousands of islands to name a few. The Kingdoms and there Bible...white man. "All The Kings Horses and All The Kings Men". -- And this written by a white man (me). Because they are heathens and do not know god and are not worthy of life.

To be continued...

Please Note:
I am not an Atheist or an Agnostic or Nihilism or anything else, I am not a monster and I am not the Antichrist. I am a man, a man who believes all men and all nations of men have a right to their own beliefs or no beliefs according to there own choices, and [not] that one Belief and one God [is all for all] and nothing else.

I am not a communist or a socialist or a Mason or a Nihilist or virtually anything else, I am simply one man.

I stand alone.
I believe that life is a wonderful gift to all living creatures and things.
I believe that life and nature is god.
An unspoken god.
Existence is God.
What we call God is not meant to be interpreted by man's intelligence or mind or imagination or beliefs or anything else.
There are no words in any language that can adequitly describe life and existence.
Man is the only creature that even tries. 
No other creature even gives it a second thought. 
They simply live and exist and follow natures perfect plan. 
That is God. 
Chapter Eight

Oil...George Oil Bush...George Oil Chaney...George Oil Shultz...George Oil Baker...George Oil Rumsfield....George Oil Rice...George Oil Powell...George Oil Schwarzkopf ...George Oil Franks ...George Oil Dole...George Oil Ashcroft... George Oil You.....

Oil... Oil...Oil... Black Gold...Black Gold... Black Gold....Money... Money... Money... Power...Power... Power... Land...Land... More...Me...Me...

Oil... Oil... Oil...More... More...More... Oil... More Oil Money...Me...Me... Me....

Oil...Oil...George Oil Money... George...George....Barbara... Barbara...More...More...George...George

How much is enough George Chaney?

In the Name of God...More... More... More...In the name of Democracy...More...More... More...Money...Money...Money... Oil...Oil...Oil...George... George...George... Oil...Oil...Oil...Money...Money... Money......Power... Power... Power... In the name of the Church...More... More...Power...Power... Gold...Gold...In the name of National Energy Needs... Money... Money...In the name of the Bible...

You people have got to be stopped. The Republican Party has been taken over by wealth, power and Banks and Oil. The United States has been taken over by wealth, power banks and Oil. The Planet Earth has been taken over by wealth, power, Banks and Oil.


Personified Greed, George Oil Chaney Greed...

George Oil Greed.

Why did those Arabs attack our Towers and Pentagon... Oil

Why did 9-11 happen...Oil

Why did Desert Storm happen,...Oil

Why and how did Saddam Hussein come to power...Oil

How did Bin Laden come to power...Oil

Where did all that money come from ...Oil

British and American Oil Barons that’s where, Banks, Gold...Oil...Black Gold...Greed

Our Armies and Soldiers deserve better than this, these are courageous Men and Women, willing to give there all, give there all for America, not for Gold.

Who stirred up these Hornets Nests, Oil Companies that’s who.

Who controls the Pentagon? Oil Companies that’s who.

Who controls the CIA? Oil Companies that’s who.

Who controls the FBI, Oil Companies that’s who.

Who controls the Homeland Security, Oil Companies that’s who.

Who controls the Presidency of The United States, Oil Companies that’s who.



This is not the American People, this is Oil...Gold...Power...Wealth...

Well there it is, there are a few names I missed but I’ll add them...

What we can do about this is the question, there isn’t any doubt about it our Troops have to Secure our Enemy at all cost, A Tragedy in the Making. These are our Sons and Daughters, they are in the Military to defend America and they will defend America to the Man. These are Courageous Souls. Our Fighting Machine is Second to None. Our Armament is Second to None.

We have Weapons of Mass Destruction that are Indescribable. We have to have these, we need to have these to defend against the Potential Hitlers of the World. The Hitlers that we have no part of, that we have not bread. The Breeding of Hitlers and the Breeding of Hate, a natural outgrowth of Oil interests invading whole Nations of People has got to Stop. This has been going on a Long Time. It Originated in the Kingdoms and Before that the Roman Empire, and before that...and before that.. We speak English Because The Kingdoms of Europe took over The Americas. The Lust For Power goes way back...and it is very current. Current like in the White House today. This is all rationalized with the Truth, Justice and the American Way.


These people are making Democracy a Dirty Word, in some senses it has been for a long time. Who have these people descended from, they didn’t just materialize. This has been going on for a long time. Greed and Power Mongols in the Medias make it harder with there ties to this Wealth and Power but, Freedom of Speech and the Modern Mediums as Well as the News Papers and Television and Radio along with the newest and most advanced communication, Computers, make for the breath of hope that we hold. And it is a Slim One. Freedom Of Speech, Word of Mouth and the ability to Have Meetings, our right to be heard and organize The Constitution of The United States, Our Constitution of The United States along with The Declaration of Independence, Our Declaration of Independence is our Key to Reform. This sounds trite but it isn’t.

We hold the Power if we use it, that is the hope, For our Sons and Daughters, for our Sons and Daughters who are fighting right now, and for our Sons and Daughters here at Home.

To be continued....

Chapter Nine

Here is the answer we are all looking for...not really the answer but a road to an answer. This is the key we all need to look at and understand to solve this unsolvable dilemma. If you never read one thing more from me, please read this... I will try to make this direct and to the point and short so I can maintain your attention...your interest is the deciding factor if these things I am discussing are going to be realized and changes attempted. These computers make this attempt possible, this medium is realizing a potential unimagined.

OK, here goes:
At first this might not make much sense but if you can follow me, it not only makes sense but is right on the mark. This is the "Human Psyche" I am about to discuss and please bare in mind this ocean, that is responsible for most human behavior is "unknown". This scenario is not a scenario at all but a fact we have all seen. Please, Please, Please follow this, even if its seems stupid and not related.

This is "it":
The evasive unknown truth, even if its seems to not make sense at first, I will streamline this and then the detailed version will follow after an explanation. Our Congressional hearings have been of great interest since the televised hearings for Jimmy Hoffa and before that the McCarthy Communist Hearings, from the 40`s, 50`s , and 60`s There have no doubt been others but in my lifetime and knowledge these stand out. The next "Giant one" and the one I am going to discuss in detail to show my "point" is the "Big Tobacco Hearings". "The Big Tobacco Congressional Hearings". Proof that Democracy can work, however slow but that is not my "point".

This is my "point":
The Congressional Hearings regarding Tobacco had two or more unique qualities about them, one they were, to my knowledge the first world broadcasts of that nature, the scope of the "communication" being "Key" here. Computers have added a new dimension to this "Communication" that is "Unheralded" beyond all scopes, with an impact potential "Unimagined" and this is still not my "Point". My "Point" is, the content of the "Congressional Hearings for Big Tobacco" themselves.

Here is the layout and the conclusions of these hearings, not what you expect.

Chapter Ten

The discussion at the Televised hearings included the "heads" or "Presidents" of all the major Tobacco Companies, American Tobacco, Liggett & Myers, Winston-Salem, Phillip Morris, and Lucky Strike about ten in all, maybe less. The discussion of course being the Tobacco related "Health Issues". Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, Birth Defects, on and on. Very real Issues. To put this in perspective---16 million American men & women served in our military, fighting the Japanese and the Germans during World War II ( 1941-1945 ) ---four hundred thousand gave there lives. Now [each year] over five hundred thousand---American men & women [die] an early---[long hard]---death from smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes they became addicted to in there youth. The "Tobacco Presidents" were in complete denial from the beginning to the end. To the Man, not one of these Heads of Tobacco wavering, Billions of Dollars were at stake. The hearings were very well conducted by our elected leaders, I can’t remember the names right now but "Thurman" and "Biden" come to mind and there were many, many others, our Congressional leaders had Balls. They nailed them, the Power and Wealth of these Tobacco Companies has held them up and they are still holding and prospering only because we American People did not follow through, as well as many politicians, Billions and Billions of Dollars buys a lot. In this case it has bought them a lot of time, a lot of time and a lot of money. This is still not my "point" my "Point in all of this is...

At the end of these hearings two things happened, I’m talking the final moments of this hearing and the "Famous" last question and the "Famous" last answers to this final Question which was " Do You Believe or Think, That Tobacco, Has a Detrimental Health Effect On The Human Persons Using It or Are There Any Related Issues of Tobacco in Regards to Human Health " That We Should Know About.

That’s my recollection, it was very definite and left no doubts or doors open, the "Question" "Yes" or "No" asked to each of the presidents in turn. Each and Every Response A Definite "No" with a few Adjectives. To the Man, the same response. They were "Back to Back" and " Shoulder to Shoulder " " No " was there answer. Unbelievable. In the interest of truth there was a few slight words or utterances or sounds that were not quite 100% No, but you had to look and listen really hard to hear them. The loud and clear dominant message was " No".

Now here is my point, How could this happen, this is not even possible. Several things happened here, one of course they all stuck together, that’s a given. There Legal Counsel no doubt had them well advised also. The necessity of this stand not withstanding, "United we Stand" "Divided we Fall". Billions and Billions of Dollars are at stake, along with thousands and thousands of lives, not to mention whole economies, its not hard to understand..

But there is more...

It sounds and seems simple at first but the very real undertone here was there present and ongoing rationalization of there products use and its consequences as it related to there lives and careers and fortunes and families. They made it "right" both past and present, what they were doing and what they had been doing, to justify there lives and the lives of there loved ones... To protect there past as well as there the man. Not "falsely" but "really", please take special note here, not "falsely" but "really".

Here lies the key..

" The Key "

" it "

i.e.: " George Oil Bush " 9-11, Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein

The how this can happen and " How " is this possible, is the key to the human " Psyche ". This is the "Point" " Human Nature " and how it effects the way we think and everything we do. We " peons " and "world leaders " alike. Survival, survival of the fittest. Not "maliciously" not" wantonly". The guise of " The Good and the Faithful" is not a facade it is actual to these people. It is human nature to justify everything we do, or at least anything that can have an effect that we need protected from or that we can benefit from, and this is still not the "psyche". The "Psyche" is how we came to be and the inner workings of our innate being and mind and our personal constitution and our entire physiological makeup. Our "Ego" plays in here, our "Sexuality" our "femininity" our "Masculinity" all of life’s forces, our "environment" and" Genes". The" how" this "effects"" us" and "the people around us" and "Nations of People" is the subject of this book. I will elaborate more on this later.

We are dealing with the forces behind governments and man and humanity and the things that effect ours and our children’s lives dramatically. Survival, survival of the fittest. The effects of all the Drugs, the effects of all the Religions, the effects of our Sexuality, the effects of all this on our "Psyche" is the subject of this book.

To be Continued...

Chapter Eleven

Paranoia and conspiracy theories need to be looked at here, President Ford after the Nixon impeachment came forward to the people and said of the "doom sayers", listen not he said, they only bring fear and distrust, we are sound and well and will prosper, were his words, my paraphrasing. Powerful and much needed and true words at the time. John F and Bobby Kennedy had been shot and killed, the Pope had been shot, Jimmy Hoffa had disappeared, Martin Luther King Jr. had been killed, war protests were raging, Kent State had happened I believe...we needed reassurance and he gave it to us. Jimmy and Billy Carter came along and sailed up and down the Mississippi River standing on board the River Boats in plain view, the Pope had resorted to the Popemobile, a necessity.

Now...we face as great a challenge as we have ever faced, and may ever face, our enemy is within. Our own people have taken so many drugs and mind altering substances, both legal and illegal, mixed with every faith and race and belief you can imagine, along with health and economic and social issues of so great an importance that they defy description. Simply stated we are trying to unscramble scrambled eggs, an impossibility.

Which leaves us where...? You tell me...

The only thing I know for sure is that we must attempt with our entire beings to right as many of these wrongs as is humanly possible.

That and more if we can...

I am not a doomsayer, I am just saying we need a lot of help. We all realize how enjoyable our lives are and can be, we just need to work and work hard on these problems as we live our lives, rather than going along as if nothing were happening.

Chapter Twelve

Putting the brakes on economic expansion would be a good place to start but that is most assuredly not going to happen. The brainwashed fools are grabbing with both arms held wide just as they always have, the drool running from there lips. There is no stopping them. The only thing we can do is to insist that they breach there controls and give us entry into the Government Structure so that we can bring forth the necessary changes in government and implement and bring forward these changes without regard to there first priority, which is wealth and power. That is a mouthful, most or many at least would say this is impossible. I don’t think it is impossible, I think that there need for self preservation will force them to move over, it always has and always will, then they will try to take credit for any benefiting changes that are made, they must always have it all, and you must know that. If this sounds suspiciously like a democrat, it sure as hell is, and I am not talking some slithering slobbering neurotic fool. The picture you psychotics have painted so well of we democrats. Move over you swine, we are coming through, not just through but here, here to stay.

Chapter Thirteen

About this time the Naysayers start in, or really a lot sooner than this, the naysayers start calling this writing rhetoric and calling this the ranting and raving of a crazy person. Ted Kaczynski "The Unabomber" was a crazy lunatic and his writings were nothing but jumbled truths and half truths and outright distortions, rhetoric applied well to his ranting and raving. Charles Manson and his paranoid illusions and hypnotic drug induced stance with his illusion of starting the Race Wars and his people being the twelve lost tribes of Israel and on and on. The SLA captors of Patty Hearst, the guy who shot Ronald Reagan these are all extreme nut cases. What you are reading and what I am writing is fact, not fiction, not delusion or distortion. Not fantasy or hallucinations. The truth is hard to bear for many, probably most. The impact on our lives of these truths make for our own involvement and our own failings, very close to home. Many will fight to the death for there wrongs, there are examples after examples.

Everybody does not have to deal with all this. Our leaders do have to deal with all this. They are getting paid to deal with all this, paid in money and or prestige, and they call it service, like they are doing us this great service strangling us. Many of us commoners have to deal with this to get our leaders to deal with this. If it sounds to you like I feel as if I have something here, something of importance, something of importance to all of us, I surely do. Drugs and Religion and Sexuality along with a stimulated commercial giant are effecting our life and the lives of our children dramatically. The effects of modern times and lifestyles and the mixing of cultures and societies are also having profound effects on our lives.

We are
"Wrong way Goldfarb", we have to turn around before it’s too late, or do the best we can,...

All of us, America and Europe lead the earth, where we lead them is our choice not our fate. Open your eyes and look at what is happening, look and find how you can help, you and your children and everybody around you will benefit, you will be doing your share. That is all anybody can ask. To those who insist on staying to there blind wanton path I say nothing. Nothing at all. I am personally going to write, I am going to write and spread the word and I am going to sing and dance and spread the word till the day I die, and if I can, after I die, and on and on as long as I can.

That is how firmly I believe in this. Most of these wrongs are simply blunders, reversible, stoppable, simply with an effort and a trial. They all prove themselves on there own. They are truths and truths will prevail, however long it takes---we hope...

To be Continued...

The World Wide Web and You. The Internet is a Web, like a Spider Web that links everybody’s Computers into one big network. Except there is no Spider in the center or lurking at the edge to pounce on its prey. This is not a danger. There are problems---problems that can be dealt with.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"
- Franklin D. Roosevelt - First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933

Chapter Fourteen

One major component of our dilemma is our mind. It's got to do with IQ [ Intelligence Quotient ]. IQ , Intelligence and Education. It would be nice if IQ and Intelligence and Education in and of itself would cure this problem but the problem is far more complex than this. There is also the problem of IQ, Intelligence and Education making for people with high IQ's, and Highly Intelligent persons, well Educated persons that are absolute dummies...dumber than dumb. Dummies with no common sense,.. Intelligent and Bright and Educated but with only "brain power" having no concept of emotion and feelings and spontaneity, not a true human being but more like a robot, programmed with learning. Herein lies our problem. These people are afflicted; afflicted by education. Afflicted by the purveyors of education, the teachers of there own distorted reality that they learned so well...and they now pass on to the unwitting...

A 100% accident; an accident of our drug distorted nature.

It is possible to be Intelligent and still have brains and emotions and senses but we need to be careful of those [ like the above ] who would program us without regard to our true beings because "there" true self has been programmed out of them and they don’t know it so they teach us a de-programmed or programmed life and they don't know they are doing that either...a spot we don't want to get in... These people didn’t set there sights on becoming these sanitized robots, they did what they were taught to do, they pursued intelligence and learning which were put to be paramount...diverted passion and desire and emotion...diverted instincts... There is room for these people.

The modern world of science and technology and industry have become a necessity for our survival,..[ our un-ending population requirements and war-machine demands ],..the world’s poisoners become the worlds poison curers. A natural fix is not going to work. We will never have our original existence but a re-directed mentality that perceives and pursues humans and all species lives, and the quality of these lives, as more important than power and wealth and greed,.. more more me me...mine mine mine.

This prevalent & un-natural but thoroughly common, distorted human nature---that is fed by all the [ legal & illegal ] drugs...fed and fed and these drugs..."These are the seeds of all this distortion". The where and the how all this relates to Drugs is the purpose of Adult-Americans-Against-Marijuana-and-Amphetamines and Student- Americans-Against-Marijuana-and-Amphetamines. Basically every school in America has Coke machines, something that began in the last 20 years or does this fit into our drug on...

The typical student in America gets out of bed somewhere between six & seven and has sugared cereal with milk and probably toast with peanut butter or jelly, and maybe some orange juice or something similar and heads off to school. Sugar for sure and probably sugar and caffeine. If not immediately in the morning then very soon thereafter. Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at supper time,.. be my little sugar and love me all the time...I don't know if you have heard that song or not. Probably not; it's an old song from the 40's or 50' the McGuire Sisters I think...innocent in and of itself but now lets take a look at this.

Sugar and Caffeine - potent, powerful drugs. [High Fructose Corn Syrup is the same thing.] You can hardly get away from them. All of us...everyday...sometimes all day... Go to a child’s first birthday party, chocolate cake and ice cream....probably Pepsi to drink...Sugar and Caffeine...the one year old has probably been eating this along with Candy and Chocolate since he was a few months old...even less. The sucrose in milk is a point in itself. M&M' name it... ..the child’s first word was probably op...op.. Pop. The pushers are everywhere, lining there pockets with your money...glorifying Sugar and Caffeine... in all there forms. It's true nobody thinks of C&H Sugar and American Crystal Sugar and all the others as well as Folgers and Lipton and Hershey and Starbucks and Coca Cola and Pepsi...and Budweiser, Millers, Pabst, Coors, ..Seagram's, Smirnoff,..Gallo..etc etc etc.. Nobody thinks of these giant Corporations as "pushers" but that is exactly what they are.. The profits they generate are almost uncountable.. The effect of these drugs on the human race and the earth is profound as to defy comprehension.

And nobody knows it...

They can't believe it...


This can't be...

But it is...and this is no exaggeration...this is under-exaggerated...Marijuana and Amphetamines are Monsters in there own right...even worse than the preceding...unfathomable....

Put that in your pipe and smoke it; this is not idle rambling...these are facts...frightening facts.. Alcohol is the highest form of Sugar.. The European Kingdoms who Colonized America and the rest of the world and many other "Rulers" used and [ use ], Alcohol, Sugar and Caffeine and other drugs routinely... We are talking thousands of years here...Alcoholics and Sugar and Caffeine addicts---our founding fathers...brutality and greed--never satisfied. The ships were rigged with Hemp sails and Hemp rope...Tea was a standard drink along with Beer and other Alcohols...Rum...Ale...Whisky...Wine, Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol and Marijuana have effected man for a long time.

Now throw Amphetamines into this hopper. The advertisers, paid by the Drug pushers have you and everybody else addicted to Sugar and Caffeine but here is the best part...nobody knows it...or at least very few...Look at all the artwork involved in the packaging of all of these drugs...the money involved is staggering...Sugar and Caffeine are thought of as being innocuous, even good substances...wakes us up...keeps us energized...great stuff...we're bright and alert...what’s the problem.. The problem is, everybody’s physical and mental health is being destroyed and nobody knows's that for IQ. The effect of all these drugs on our thinking and emotions is the greatest problem...the biggest problem of all...They used to have a saying...put that in your pipe and smoke it...The saying probably means for you to take that in to yourself and being and dwell on it, let that soak in to your slowly smoking a pipe...

We're now headed for Alcohol and Tobacco...and then Marijuana and Amphetamines. We are Dope Addicts... destroying ourselves and our children. Here is where IQ, Intelligence and Education fit in...Take any group of Americans,Blacks...Whites...Hispanics...Native Americans. Asian, whoever...Rich...Poor...Inner-city...Rural....Country... Now break them down by IQ, Intelligence and Education. The lower the IQ, Intelligence and Education the higher the Drug consumption and all the Mental and Physical disease that goes with it. You get very far down on the IQ, Intelligence and Education scale and you find multiple addictions to all these drugs, anywhere from several to all of these addictions. So raise the Intelligence and IQ through Education and the problem is solved.....we wish. Part of the Road to the Solving the problem....probably....but not the complete answer in and of itself. Human nature and our instincts play in here. You take a cage of monkeys...monkeys or rats or rabbits or about anything and see how easy it is to addict them to these drugs...instant success... Now see the effect on it.. [Problem...the Psyche and mind of the human are unique...]. Now try to stop this addiction...without the use of probably can't stop it.

The test subjects are addicted. Permanently. This is where we are at. Attempting the impossible.


Because it is vital...

It is vital because hundreds of millions of children and adults are being destroyed...hundreds of millions of people... billions of people,.. babies to old,.. are suffering the consequences of the effects of these drugs. These addictions. We are going to stop it. We are going to slow it down first....and eventually stop it.

How... Through Education.. The facts,.. the facts...and the truth. Not my perceptions or anybody else’s perceptions...the facts...the truth.

All humans are and me included. We are no different than the monkeys or the rats or the rabbits...we are addicted and we want more. Pick any group or institution or church or see what they feed you... Both physically and mentally...see what they feed you. The dumb leading the dumb....the blind leading the blind... Let's stop being dumb.

The Japanese, after World War II ended in 1945 became obsessed with education and learning and work...success...the American answer to there defeat in the war and there entry into Democracy and Capitalism and Free Enterprise along with Wealth and Power. Now I'm sure this does not apply to all Japanese but it is an emerging phenomenon that needs to be looked at. Everybody and his brother is trying to solve these problems but not many are going to the core of these problems...they are dealing with and treating symptoms...which is never a cure. They have become educated Robots [ many of the Japanese ] who seek adult entertainment and no longer seek love and relationships with a mate and the having of children, they have sex without love and sex without love doesn’t want children. Sex with love automatically wants and loves children. Sex and love and children are the greatest parts of life there is...and they no longer want to have this. Educated dummies. Not wanting the greatest thing in life. Children.

Now take...Air to to eat and water to drink...Add rest and sleep and warmth and family to that...along with your friends and you have the makings of one great life... This is all...everything..

You can be rich or can be black or can be man or women.. Air, food, water, family, and friends... and you have it all. Live love and populate...everything else will work itself out or find its way... ..with your help... You may have to may have to may have to die...protecting and defending what is yours from those who would take it from you if you allowed them too...if you didn't stop them.. But mostly you will prosper and happily and contented.

You are one of the lucky are living in the right place at the right time.. Everybody is not this lucky. Luck is really not the right word but fate or providence doesn't say it either...some call it Gods it what you may a drug free life is a gift...a gift from God if you will...don't throw it away.

May peace be with you.
Tom Bunnell

We humans and all the other species had this for millions of years..[ a drug free existence ] all the other species still have this...lets get it back. Lets get it back and keep it.. For the Children. Don't expect any help from the addicts...they are blind drug addicts like the rats...they will fight us the whole way.. They are fighting for there addictions...they will rationalize and twist and turn at every motion...they will fight to the death for there addictions...just like the rats.... We got to do this for them...they are too dumb. We got to do this and still maintain freedom... A total impossibility. We are strangling on our freedom... Freedom to destroy...knowingly or unknowingly is not is stupidity and ignorance coupled with our brainwashed and indoctrinated selves.

We can see past this...we can see past this and improve this...if we try....It is not impossible, it is just insurmountable.. But surmount we will...For the children....

to be continued...

Chapter Fifteen

So where do we go from here. There is no chance at all that the public, American or otherwise, is going to accept the fact that sugar and caffeine are deadly poisons that are effecting our minds and bodies to profound degrees. None, zero, no chance at all. Alcohol is not going to be stopped or slowed down either. Tobacco will continue its present course,.. All of these drugs are under attack and will continue to be,.. but for the reality of there true effects,.. there overall effects,.. is not going to be understood for a long, long time. The guy down the street,.. your Doctor, the Minister, the town officials and police and teachers and politicians and most or all of your neighbors and friends and relatives and associates,.. probably all of them use some or all of the above drugs,.. the legal drugs,.. the accepted drugs,.. no doubt yourself included. Everybody uses most of these drugs; young to old,...Me too.

Except having learned what I have, I am down to small amounts of sugar only ( I would prefer none ), I use nothing else. Zero. Food, Water, Air, Sunshine, Rest, Family and Friends. That's me, and that should be you and everybody else. Just like the Bear, Wolf, Eagle and Fox,.. Most of these are solitary or small group or single family animals, I am family, group, tribe and are you.

Only eight years now with none of these drugs in my system and I just turned sixty I wish I could say sixty years...for me and for everybody else,... I followed the masses,.. like a sheep, or however you want to say it,..

Man uses all of these drugs and has for thousands of years...tens of thousands of years,.. White Man in particular,.. maybe Asian,.. not all men... and not all White men and not all Asian men either, but a predominant number of both as this relates to drug use...we White Europeans hold center stage though, especially for the last five hundred years or so,.. We have poisoned our whole race and most of the rest of the world,...

Prior to White Man,.. the American Continents and African and Australian Continents, and many other Continents, along with thousands of other Regions and Islands all over the World, had none of these drugs,.. none. White mans chemistry and science has created this monster. But lets not rule out some natural disasters. Marijuana for one. Why don't we look at the religions and cultures of the societies and tribes and nations that have long used this substance.( Marijuana ). Instead of just blindly following this disastrous path. Marijuana will fail on all counts except on stupefy, or stupefaction...on this it will sail. This game is being played by millions, tens of millions. If the harm and the damage weren't so real and tragic these dummies could be left to themselves.

These smiling idiots are fools, fools that are destroying our young. Amphetamines are doing the same thing. Both Marijuana and Amphetamines can look to be and be thought to be,.. not nearly as harmful as I say they are...can look to be...You got to remember how dumb we are,.. we think what we see is what we get. What we see is what we get alright,.. what we get and a whole lot more,.. is what we really get. The whole lot more is so destructive as to defy description,.. so destructive as to be incomprehensible.

Anything that messes with our sexuality...our sexuality and our hormones...our basic human expressions...anything that messes with these is not just is deadly poison,.. just like a child molester,...a deadly poison...and these are just two of the many effects these drugs have.

Marijuana and Amphetamines
Marijuana and Amphetamines are Potent...Dangerous Drugs...And you don't know it...Our perceptions...our thought processes,...our awareness...There are many who think the above are enhanced by these drugs...not disrupted or distorted or destroyed...not at all...or at least no more than all the other drugs,...bullshit. Marijuana and Amphetamines are worse and that takes some doing,...much worse. Our medical profession has failed us so miserably, miserably,...they should be hung,...I'm talking Mayo Clinic,...I'm talking our most eminent medical people...failed and failing us miserably.


The Human Psyche is unknown. You define the Human Psyche. You will throw up your arms and walk away.. You can't. Yet the Psyche is the driving force to all life. You could say Innate a robin building a nest,.. or a salmon returning to its birth place...and the salmon's journey from that birth place and all its experiences and perceptions and energies and pursuits throughout its life and then its return to its birth's moment by moment life from birth until death...and you would be coming close,.. Interrupt these moment by moment ( which is really continuous and uninterrupted ),..interrupt this life with and distort this life with drugs and you begin to see the picture...the reality of what is occurring. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Human Psyche is...and how drugs effect us and our Psyche...our being...our persons...our minds...ourselves...and those around us...lets stop fooling ourselves and lets stop others from fooling us....Drugs.

Chapter Sixteen

I don't have any magic or earth-shattering wisdom or visions...I wish I did. Just common sense and reality. I do believe that few people are looking at the big picture of drugs and substances and how they effect our lives and how they have effected our lives. This is definitly the big picture. Big big it is hard to swallow. It's pure truth...pure truth in any context. You can deny it, you can distort it, you can scoff at this, and you can do whatever you want too,.. Either it is the truth or it isn't the truth. I know that this is the truth.

We are not built to look this far behind or this far ahead...or this wide...few can comprehend this, necessity forced me to take this look, necessity forced me to solve this riddle,.. It is solved. There are those who would say this does not apply to the public in general; maybe it applies only to those who experience problems...problems with drugs or other problems. I say Bullshit,...this applies to everybody. Like it or not. I can't convince you, I can't change you. I can only hope that you begin to question those who lead rather than blindly following. Like Lemmings to the Sea. We probably have the right to destroy ourselves but we definitely do not have the right to destroy others; our children or others children,.. It is our God given right to protect and defend all children...women and children.

To this end I plead my case.

Tom Bunnell

Chapter Seventeen

Here is a "Quote from Mark Twain" that I couldn't resist.

Darwinian Theory:
1909 I have been studying the traits and dispositions of the "lower animals" (so-called) and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of obliges me to renounce my allegiance to the Darwinian theory of the Ascent of Man from the Lower Animals; since it now seems plain to me that that theory ought to be vacated in favor of a new and truer one, this newer and truer one to be named the Descent of Man from the Higher Animals.

to be continued...

Here is another one...

1896 Talking of patriotism, what humbug it is; it is a word which always commemorates a robbery. There isn't a foot of land in the world which doesn't represent the ousting & re-ousting of a long line of successive "owners" who each in turn, as "patriots," with proud & swelling hearts defended it against the next gang of "robbers" who came to steal it & did--& became swelling-hearted patriots in there turn.

and I am a patriot...but not of these "robbers". I say "drugs" and "substances" and "religion" induces all this greed...induced all this greed and "hunger for power"...Hunger for power and money and wealth.

me me me...more more more...mine mine mine...

and all the while "saying" these are just natural instincts of life and survival; survival of the fittest, only the strong survive, natural selection...bullshit...This is "drug and religious induced superiority"...totally un-natural...all that stimuli,.. spoken and hummed and ingested and you think it's real.

to be continued...

I am not suggesting we all become paupers, there is no turning back. We "must" "rule"...rule or be destroyed,.. That's why the "people" who manage our Oil Companies think they are our [ Savior's ],.."the great providers of fossil fuel", "fulfilling our energy needs".

Protecting us...

Energy---energy that is "Vital" to the Earth's economy and our well-being.

Our protectors---protecting us from ourselves.

In there view [ the "Christians and Republicans" ] ---where the [ "Oil Company Executives" ] have nested,..---[ In there view ]--- the whole "left bank" and the--- "Democrats" in general [ they think we are neurotic fools ][ bleeding liberals ]--- they think we would disrupt this "Vital Interest" [ Oil ]. Without realizing we can not exist without this "flow" of oil and the "flow" of industry. It's true we can't live without this "flow" In seven days we would be starving---billions. In seven more days------you don't want to hear it... This is absolute truth---

The "how" and the "who" of the managing of this "flow" is where the rubber hits the road. There is no turning By realizing what actually has occurred and is occurring we have the power to stop our own destruction...either that or kill and rule the whole earth.. only the insane would kill and rule all these, women, and children...babies...the world over...but that is what we have done and that is what we are doing...We will rule them with our "niceness" our niceness and our freedom and our democracy and our Christianity; and if they have anything of value we will take that too. Then we will have our dinner party, and that will include...

to be continued...

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