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Chapter One

In the beginning I didn’t know anything. I was just there. Me and it seemed like millions and millions of others. I was just there, I didn’t know where I came from or where I was or where I was going. I didn’t think about it, I was just there.

Now most of this is based on innate recollection. You can’t remember when you are that young, but it is not fiction, not made up stuff, that would be wholly imagination, this comes from inside and is meant to be both insightful as well as entertaining.

So here I am with all these millions and millions of others. Everything seems OK, I am about in the middle of all this, been here I don’t know how long, don’t bother to think about it, not really concerned. I am at peace with the world but I don’t know there is a world, I don’t know anything.

All of a sudden there is this (I don't know what to call it) it is a great movement of my existence--a surge--a powerful motion---and before you know it I am being swept along this channel with the millions of others and everything is really happening fast. I don’t know what to do, I can’t think because I don’t know how too. This thing is taking me and I am going whether I like it or want it or not, here I go. All of a sudden I’m in this, I don’t know what to call it, it’s warm and wet and it is very comfortable, I am in front of this great motion of beings headed to who knows where when all of a sudden there is something in front of me and I am drawn to it and I can’t stop myself and I enter it and now it and I are one. I don’t know anything except that the way is closed behind me and it is just me and this and we have become one and there are no more, but we or me or I don’t care or realize or think at all, I simply exist. I feel alright, actually I feel real good, I don’t know it but I have just been conceived, I am a human being, I am in my mothers egg and the egg and I have become one. I am a male but I don’t know that either, I don’t know anything.

Chapter Two

It is July 1944, the War is raging. We have the upper hand on the Japs and we are pushing toward Hitler in Berlin from the south and west. Russia is closing in from the north, millions have perished. This is World War II...World War One...was supposed to be the war to end all wars, it wasn’t.

We are in Oakland, California,, My dad is stationed here and my mother has come from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to be with him. My dad’s brother "Bird" Victor Bunnell was killed by the Japs a few weeks after the Attack on Pearl Harbor. He was on the USS HOUSTON, a battleship out in the Pacific, they had just left Pearl a few hours before, they knew the war was heating up and it was just a matter of time before we entered the war. The Japs striking Pearl Harbor wasn’t considered.

The Houston was a World War I Battleship. Most all battleships are named after states, like the USS ARIZONA and the USS MISSOURI and all. The City of Houston, Texas had some citizens early in the century who wanted a battleship named after them and there forefathers, they got congress to make an exception for them and the USS HOUSTON was born. The Houston had three sixteen inch gun turrets and could shoot for miles. It had machine guns and two biplanes rigged on the sides, some kind of sling affair I think would hurtle them forward and then there props would get them the rest of the way off, I’m not sure.

They were headed deep into the Pacific to join the Asiatic Fleet near Java, where a few Britt and Aussi and Dutch Ships along with the HMAS PERTH were waiting, when Pearl Harbor was hit. They would have had time, if there orders had been to change course immediately, to outrun the Japs---There orders were to stay there course and fight...They did. They put up one hell of a fight before the Japs finally sunk them some eight weeks later, Bird went down with the ship.

They said the guns bellowed steam when they hit the water from being red hot, they were out of ammo and were shooting there flares at them when they went under.

In 1980 something a book was finally written, by Duane Shultz, it is called The Last Battle station, the Saga of the USS HOUSTON, it is available at all libraries. I am privileged and proud to have read that book, I recommend it highly. The Houston had been one of our Flagships, it was often called President Roosevelt’s private yacht because he often took cruises on it. There were 1068 men on that ship.

So my Dad joined the war. My Dads older brother Morris was already in the Army, my Dads sisters Pat and Mary joined the Wac`s and Waves and Nurses.

Dad’s sister Maxine married Don Myers a shipmate of Birds who had been stationed on the USS HOUSTON earlier. Dad’s younger sister Ann and his youngest brother Jerry took care of Grandma, she was now a Gold Star Mother, Granny we called her.

Dad had been in the war for a few years, a minesweeper and a escort ship that I know of and others and was currently stationed in Oakland, California awaiting orders, my mother and sister Patty had come by rail from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and were staying at the Royal Hotel in Oakland, California. Dad would come in from training exercises every two days, two days in and two days out, that is when I entered the picture.

Dad shipped out two months later and mom and Patty and I went back to Detroit Lakes. I was born 7 months later-April 11, 1945

Dad never made it home, that last year of the war one of the ships he was on got sunk by a kamikaze suicide plane and he caught a bad cold that eventually turned to strep throat. The war had ended and he was coming home, he made it to New York by ship and then Chicago by rail and finally Minneapolis by rail. The last leg was to be bus or train the two hundred miles north to Detroit Lakes and Ma and Patty and me. It is August 1945, I am four months old, Patty is almost three, Mom is 22 and Dad is 26, he collapsed in the shower and went into a comma. The Red Cross got word to Mom and no flights were available so her and Patty and me and Moms youngest brother Clifford took the bus the 200 miles to Minneapolis. He died shortly before we got there. Granny has two gold stars.

Chapter Three

So here I am 58 years later, Thomas Lawson Bunnell Jr., in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

It’s February 18, 2004

I am fighting a War on Drugs,.. all by myself,.. not really, there is an enormous effort going on, I just happen to have a key component, going after the adult users. That is where this War will be won, these adult users have to be stopped, they are passing this off as acceptable recreational use, bullshit. There recreational use of drugs is destroying our children, babies to old.

My anti-drug program is called and

The basis to this program is Adult Americans Against Marijuana and Amphetamines.

A non-religious non-partisan group of parents, grandparents and great grandparents dedicated to saving our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond from the stresses and traumas wrought on children by adult users.

Please note; These adult users are unable to see or grasp the reality of what they are doing and need help. Also note; Dealers(large and small) need help too. In the form of prison sentences, long hard prison sentences.

Tom Bunnell
Chapter 001
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Eventually I expect some people to get on board, I expect eventually a lot of people to get on board. This isn’t just some pet peeve of mine, this is War. Drugs are destroying our young, these adult users are destroying themselves and they are destroying there children, in many cases not only the parents of children are doing this but the grandparents as well are using drugs and destroying there children and grandchildren. All the while pretending they are not hurting anything or anybody. How blind and heartless can fools be.

to be continued.....

The children are doing everything from pulling there hair out to committing suicide---but mostly they are just enduring,.. they have no choice,.. they are not heard. These adult users are not just blind---they are blind, deaf and dumb---and cruel & heartless---but they don't know it & will hear none of it---

Chapter Four

My mother was born in a covered wagon about 10 miles south of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in 1921. Her dad and mother and seven or eight brothers and sisters were traveling,.. moving, from White Rock, South Dakota.[now a Ghost Town] at the time a Boom Town for over fifty years. A hub for wagon trains going north and south and east and west. They had lost two brothers in White Rock, Clarence and Billy to the 1918 Black Plague, they died in grandfathers arms---they had to pass Clarence and Billy out through the window on a board to the people who were burying the dead.

Now in March of 1921 they were on the Vergas Trail south of Detroit Lakes near Pelican Rapids, headed for Dead Lake in Dent, [West Central Minnesota] about 60 miles east of [Fargo] My grandfather had rented or bought a place there, the Fletcher place---they pulled the wagon over and mom was born. It was a 24 foot covered wagon my grandfather had bought from a sheepherder on the western edge of North Dakota, up above Beach, ND, on the Montana/North Dakota border where they had homesteaded from 1898 to 1917 . They had come to Trotter County by Wagon Train in the late 1800`s along with my grandfathers dad and some of his brothers and sisters and some others, all families, about a dozen wagons in all. The last of the [Homestead Act] land parcels, Dakota Territory, were being divided up and they wanted and needed land, they had come from the east earlier. Seven years of drought had forced them to leave Trotter.

In July of the seventh year of that drought [1910-1917] the ground was still parched and dry---nothing remained. Grandfather bought the covered wagon at an auction from a sheepherder who also had to sell out because of the draught---He sold all of his sheep,.. it filled the whole train--probably five or six cars or more at the time[1917],.. Grandpa bought the covered wagon the sheepherder had lived in--it was a desolate time. They called the wagon the "Camper" , it had a bedroom and a kitchen and could carry all the gear for them and the horses. There were four to six horses pulling and four to six more horses bringing up the rear (trotting behind)---plus the colts. They would stop and switch teams every so often as they would become tired. The 24 foot sides were one piece oak over three feet wide and more than two inches thick. The bows were hickory---

The horses weighted near twenty hundred pounds, each. They could travel 50 miles in a good day. They would stop in rest areas and cook and spend the night when traveling. I thought those were new things, campers and rest areas. Grandfather posted a sign on a reader board when they left, "The Hell With North Dakota", he wasn't the only one.

Mother is still alive, Patty died when she was eight, and I was six. She had a 104 plus fever and the doctor in Auburn, Washington, where we had moved to in 1951, thought she was having an appendicitis attack, she died from the operation, there was nothing wrong with her appendix, she had Yellow Jaundice, so did mom and I , it was a tough time.

My dads be continued

Chapter Five

The Holy Bible, at least the King James version has in its beginning, Genesis One, The creation of the Earth and Heavens and all of everything, or rather it says, "the Earth was void" and then the creation of all things takes place. Then they immediately go to Adam and Eve and the Story of Adam and Eve... and the serpent, I will quote this from memory so there will be slight variances but the gist and message will be clear and undistorted and relevant. They, Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden which is the perfect world God created. With all living things plant and animal and an abundance of everything, pretty much what the world actually was for millions of years. Pristine. That’s not to say there weren’t storms or earthquakes or droughts or famine, the earths forces, ever changing have always been here. But the Earth as a whole, be it Oceans, Land or Air and all of its life and non-life that exists has always been perfect since time immortal. Now this flies in the face of what many of our modern White Men think,(the world being perfect before White Mans rule) because there wealth and power dictates that everything must always pertain to them and the things they do, so they can justify everything they have done and are still doing.

"You know something is happening but you don’t know what it is... Do you,.."
- "Mister Jones" Bob Dylan -

William Randolf Hearst did one of his Editorials for his Sunday Papers in the middle seventies, I think it ran in several leading papers including the Los Angeles Times and Denver Post and several others, it was about midway through his daughter Patty’s Kidnapping. I was living in LA at the time and remember it clearly. Hearst's grandfather, William Randolph Hearst, built Hearst Castle, a 250,000-acre San Simeon ranch in California. There he hosted guests such as Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw and Charlie Chaplin. It is now a state historical site and tourist attraction.

A group of Blacks along with some Whites calling themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army had kidnapped Patty Hearst, Randolf Hearst’s granddaughter and were holding her hostage, and making demands, it had gone on for months with ransom demands and hostage negotiations taking place constantly. They had demanded that food be brought in to feed the poor in San Francisco, and Los Angeles I think, and truck loads of food were brought in and given away, then the cry was that it was cheap food and for more and better food to be brought in, so more food and meat were brought in, semi loads, I don’t know how many but a lot of truck loads of food and fish and hams and beef, our nation was riveted.

This was shortly after the kidnapping, months later she was seen on surveillance cameras robbing a Bank with her captors, one person was killed and a huge controversy erupted over whether they had held a gun on her or if she was actively participating in the bank robbery, she appeared to be participating. Her name had been changed to Tania by her captors and it was being said she had joined them.

One of the greatest tragedies of Justice in American history takes place a year later when she is captured but for now she is still either captive or on the run with the SLA. It is not known at the time just who these people are, or how many of them there are in all, but it’s scary. We are riveted and scared both, these are terrorists, something unknown to us. Not here in America. Of course she has been brainwashed but we are unable to comprehend this phenomenon as yet, she ends up getting prosecuted and put in the penitentiary for being a Bank Robber. Talk about travesty, the human Psyche is not understood, it is foreign and unknown to us.

Patty is still captive.

Randolf writes his Editorial. In it he attacks the American Indian, in my view he is unable to attack the Blacks because of his daughter being held hostage, as well as the huge backlash potential of attacking blacks so he attacks the American Indian. At the time, there were a lot of treaty and land negotiations and settlements going on in Alaska and around the nation with the Native People and the Government and the Oil Companies, the Alaska Pipeline was in its development, the Oil Embargo had occurred in 1973 or so and the Gas Rationing and gas lines and all had occurred a few months earlier, this was about 1974. Huge cash settlements were being made with the Indians amounting to millions of dollars and payments were being made to individual Indians and trusts were being formed and allotments were being handed out. Some of the first installments to the Tribal Members were in the neighborhood of $17,000 to $35,000 each, for individual members of each of the Tribes, plus Tribal money, if I remember right. Hearst is incensed by this, he and a lot of people like him, think that America is everybody’s, and they should not be getting these payments. He lashes out, he says that before White Man came to America, these people had nothing, they lived in the dirt and had no running water or electricity or nothing, no hospitals or medicine, nothing. They should be happy for the European people coming here and improving there lives to such an extent. They had been forced to live like wild animals before White Mans coming he said, these are my words that I have paraphrased from his editorial. I felt he was lashing out at the Indians because he couldn’t lash out at the Blacks.

Now my point in all this is....of course is that he is 100% wrong, he couldn’t be more wrong. The American Indian like all native peoples of all lands, even including the original Europeans, lived in a perfect world and had a perfect existence. In fact, we White People had come to this American Indian land and taken it and destroyed a perfect culture and a perfect people that had been here forever. 20,000 years or more (White Mans numbers), However long it was, possibly forever, it was there land, and there lives and they were both perfect. We brought death and disease and destruction, we destroyed there earth and there people, nations of people, the rivers, the lakes, the animals., everything, Sixty million Buffalo we killed, how many of the Native peoples I don’t know but it is said thousands of Tribes and Nations of people were destroyed and the rest we put on reservations of the what we thought was worthless unusable land that was no good to us---and they should thank us William Randolf Hearst. Blind doesn’t begin to describe White Mans ruthlessness and plunder, ruthlessness to all nations and all people. Africa, should the slaves thank us too--how about Australia, the North and South American Continents are just two of the many hundreds of lands and islands and peoples we White People have conquered and taken and then plundered. White Man, you and me. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. On and on, if there is wealth, we want it and we take it, without regard to man, women or child.

These are White Rulers not White Men. We White Men have been forced to follow these rulers by the same brutality shown to the Native peoples and the same brainwashing everybody else has had happen to them. These people slaughter, thousands of people, millions of people, whatever it takes for them to remain in power, constant power, it is never enough... and I am called crazy because I try to stop this. Move over or get out of the way because I am coming through, I am not going to try to stop this, I am going to Stop this. It is pure insanity, pure insanity and greed, pure lust for power, more and more, at any expense, nobody or no thing matters except as they benefit these greedy individuals and there cronies. You are exposed you greedy bastards, these Computers and there communications capabilities along with the World Wide Web are your undoing. Repent, sinners, is what the Bible people would say to you, even though they are a big part of this themselves. I say stop, you bastards. You can’t be taken over by force, but you can be taken over by will, the will of the American people, all of the American people. We the people of The United States, are not blood thirsty, greedy rulers of all mankind like you rulers.

In God we trust.

Tom Bunnell
7:00 Am Central
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota USA

And we put her in Prison. Our mentality can not comprehend a human being, being brainwashed, right before our eyes. Our mentality is that if we let her get away with this, then others will too. She has robbed a bank. Willfully and wantonly in our eyes. Unbelievable.

So here we are in the Garden of Eden, all things perfect and here comes the Serpent. Now there is the Tree of Life in the Garden and God has commanded Adam and Eve to take of all things except this tree, the tree with all the seeds, for if they take thereof there eyes will be opened and they will be as Gods, Knowing all right and wrong and they will be damned, damned to eternity and cast from the Garden and no longer live this perfect life. Adam does as he is told and all is perfect in all ways. Eve is beguiled by the Serpent, which is the embodiment of the Devil. He tells her surely this won’t happen and she is taken in and does eat thereof and finds yes it is pleasant to the eyes and her eyes are opened and she is able to see right from wrong and she brings the food to Adam, depicted as an Apple, and he eats also and finds it to be pleasant to his eyes and he too knows right from wrong.

Now God appears and Adam and Eve hide as they are naked and ashamed and God says did thou eat of the forbidden fruit in thou Garden and they say yes, but he already knew because they tried to hide there nakedness and had hidden. God cast them from the Garden and condemned them and all there descendents to an eternal life of living in Sin and they departed thereof.

I would like to see the Hebrew version of this or the actual scrolls or stones these stories were written on. Not likely. The writers of the Bible were all Jews. Jews that had descended from before the time of Moses. They had been enslaved by the Egyptians and had built the Pyramids. Many hundreds of years, most scholars say 400 years or more, it could have been a lot longer. An entire society, the twelve tribes or something like that I believe, is who these slaves were. Probably the entire nation of Israel. Like I say I am very close but not exact with all the details and time frames etc. Nobody knows for certain although many believe they do.

The Pyramids are Wonders of the World, impossible to duplicate. The time frames and logistics and the precisian and engineering and on and on are the Wonder. They were built by Slaves, Egyptian Slaves, and Jews. They took rope and Granite and cutting devices. There was another layer on the outside of the Pyramids that glistened in the light, robbers stole this entire coating layer of a marble type slate that covered the stone we presently see over the centuries because of its value. The Pyramids shone for miles and miles in all directions, as remarkable as they are today they were a hundred times more remarkable before the destruction caused by the stripping of this outer layer and the fall of this Empire.

The Egyptians reaching out to God and building these monuments to themselves and there religions and faiths in God and afterlife. The rope and the Tree of Life are my topics, as well as the slaves and there descendents, through and including Jesus and all the way to today.

The Rope of course is Hemp. Cannabis, Marijuana/Hashish. The Rope being male plants grown closely together for there stalks and the female plants raised differently for there tops and resins and seeds. I think the Tree of Life was in fact the Marijuana Plant., with all its seeds and pleasant to there eyes and there eyes were opened and they were as Gods and could see. One of the most interesting facets to this conversation is that when Moses came down from the Mount with the Ten Commandments first and then again with the Creation or vise or versa, this do not eat thereof of the fruit in the Garden was born. Moses was raised by the Egyptians after thousands of baby boys were killed because the Egyptians had heard there was a male child born who would grow to free the slaves. Did the Egyptians use Marijuana and became slave masters and Moses did not want his people using it or did the Jews use it before enslavement and become slaves as a result of this use or had the Egyptians made the Jews use Marijuana in there slavery. These are valid arguments in the Marijuana and its effects on humans’ dilemma.

We are probably discussing [ here ] the origins of the mind. The expansion of the human mind from the all rest of the animals’ minds. The mind that is thought to be so great---Socrates--Plato--Aristotle--the human Psyche. The effect of drugs on our Psyche---our lives--our children’s lives---Damned forever [ according to the Bible Genesis ]. And it's all bullshit---the mind answering the mind---The stimulated mind talking to the stimulated mind. And all the while thinking this is so great. Drugs created the mind and drugs are damaging the mind. Drugs created the mind and the mind created all the belief's---all the belief's...And to this---we are Blind...Our minds have created all this bullshit. The mind should not be messed with---Marijuana--Amphetamines--Alcohol--Sugar--Caffeine--etc--etc--etc. We can still have great lives--all we got to do is stop messing with our minds---stop using drugs--stop. Our recuperative powers are unbelievable--we mend--we heal---but we got to stop--to let these things happen. To do this we got to realize what drugs are and then what damage drugs do to us---everyone of us--every single one of us. Drugs distort each and every human on this earth on a daily basis---all except those who live in non-developed countries.
The lucky ones.

Tom Bunnell
February 19, 2004
4:08 AM Central Time USA

to be continued...

Chapter Six


This is difficult because I know I offend so many people and there persuasions with my views on religion and drugs and gambling and now homosexuality. You would think I was a blind moralist if you didn’t know better. I am a naturalist and a realist if anything, you could say purest but not in the puritan sense. I am going to bash everybody from Hugh Hefner to George Bush, even Willie Nelson and Toby Keith... I love This Bar... him and Willie putting dope and alcohol up as being recreational and healthy, while millions and millions of children suffer from these poisons, because of there parents, there mothers and fathers using these drugs. It has long been said not to get in the way of fools and there folly,.. fuck them fools, they are destroying our children and families, we are going to educate them or stop them,.. or, at the very least, we are going to educate the people about the ignorance of these morons. Homosexuality is an affliction, there is not a living man, woman or child who can not be queered... at any age, but more often during early childhood and even from birth, some say even prior to birth and I believe that. Adolescence is a vulnerable time too. An actual birth defect is a fact too.

There isn’t one of us that knows for sure that an older child or adult didn’t sexually exploit us as babies, we are not able to talk or tell or think or say anything when we are say two months old or two years old. There are huge numbers of people that believe we are sexual beings from birth and there is nothing wrong with what they do, mans laws they say, not Gods laws make touching and fondling children unacceptable. They do not even realize they are doing what was done to them.

Children are sexual beings from birth and before, every single one of us. But not sexual in the sense of bigger children or adults participating or stimulating these innocent little children while gratifying there own desires. This is molestation, pedophilia. We must protect our children from these distorted people, at all cost. It is very difficult for children for this to occur. Many recover and many don’t. Fear and freight, terror, lack of healthy affections, cold parents or siblings, there are many causes, abuse. Many grow past these things and fully recover, many partially recover, and many never recover.

The amount of and type of and hundreds and thousands of variables in our contacts and environment, even our genes all play into our development and who we become. Homosexuals are not to be hated or feared. They are to be watched and held at bay and we need to protect our children from them and teach our children that these people are not normal, they have been afflicted with a distorted sense of who they are and they are physically distorted with there masculinity and femininity scrambled up. There minds work differently because there hormones are mixed up and this confuses there minds and perceptions of life and love and sex. They are not monsters, they are different. The pedophilia and child molesters are monsters and all steps required to protect our children from them are a must. Life in prison is not to much, we are sorry there lives are ruined but we can not allow them to ruin more innocent lives.

Homosexuals need to be left alone to live there lives as long as they don’t bother other people, just like we heterosexuals, we can’t bother other people either. They should be able to live and work most places and have there own fulfilling lives with there own and there friends and relatives who chose to be around them. They are harmless if not allowed to take over and dictate there distorted views, and indoctrinate our children and ourselves.

to be continued...