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This 'Poem' by Jack Smith -- Survivor -- One of the finest men that ever lived, says it all!

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The Bunnell Farm -- Native American Traditional Diet

Live Earth -- Amen

The House of the Rising Sun -- Vocal and Acoustic Guitar by Tom Bunnell

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-Jack Smith
To Jack and June Smith and Family,
Christmas December 25, 2012
"My gift to you".
I have found the "problem" and the "cause" of WAR that Jack speaks so plainly and eloquently about! -- The cure is going to take a whole lot of doing and may not even be possible, but finding "the problem" gives us a starting point and "where to begin".
Simply "knowing" what happened and what is happening can lead to a cure.
We are stimulated out of our minds. 
Jack , I know your gone, but to Jack and all of your family and friends and everybody else out there. I have found the "problem" that Jack speaks of "AND LET US FIND AND CURE THE PROBLEM SO THERE IS NO NEED TO CURE THE DISEASE".
-- "the problem" are the stimulants that we consume on a daily basis and that began some thousands of years ago, after we began cultivating and high-breeding plant life.
Quite accidentally.
 Sugar and starch content in our plant life with hybrid carbohydrates and processed carbohydrates at the core.
Thousands of times more carbohydrates than we could ever consume naturally in our natural diet.
In these potent concentrations, they become like Amphetamines(Adolph Hitler) Methamphetamine(Japanese) and Cocaine(Mayan) in both strength and effect in the "quantities" that we began to consume.  
"Adrenaline like", just like speed and cocaine.
They cause our bodies hormone system to secrete adrenaline and dopamine and put us in our survival mode.
Self centered, egotistical, kings and war mongering monsters.
Heartless souls when we go into battle mode. We stay there and live there because we keep consuming all of these sugar/stimulants almost on an hourly basis the world over.
The entire planet earth. Presently all of our worlds people's.
 I know this sounds crazy and incomprehensible, but this is the cause of man's superiority and WAR and the "problem" Jack speaks too.
The Egyptians, The Roman Empire, The Kingdoms of Europe, Colonizing the whole world, or as much as they were able.
Murderous rampages.
 All of the unbelievable wars man has fought over the centuries and millenniums.
Hundreds of millions of men, women, and children slaughtered and killed senselessly. 
We either fight for or against, and then become monsters ourselves.
Completely unbeknowst to ourselves.
We think it's normal it has gone on for so long.
We must, or it be they. 
We say "no" "not us" we do not become murderers and monsters by eating and drinking sugars and hybrid carbohydrates.
This is ludicrous!
Become a President or general or world leader and see how long that lasts. 
Hybrid plants, hybrid fruits and hybrid vegetables and hybrid grains, milk.
Caffeine and alcohol and nicotine are also big players in this insanity.
The quest for power and wealth and armies.
All stimulant driven like the greed for more and more.
Table sugar and hybrid fruit and hybrid vegetables and hybrid grains along with milk and the other stimulants spurring us on for thousands of years now.
Speed drives people crazy but they don't know it. They believe their views and thoughts and perceptions to be natural and normal and truthful.
They are not.
Stimulants exaggerate all of our natural emotions until they become unnatural and we not knowing it. All this growth and consumption and population, all stimulant driven.
Think of seven billion people taking speed.
This is what has happened.
I quite accidentally discovered this just a few years ago while studying obesity and diabetes and sugar addiction with the computer.
It wasn't on the Internet or Computer, I just put two and two together myself after learning that flour was the same thing as table sugar in your stomach.
How could natures seeds be poison I thought.
That's when the hybreeding light came on.
It has taken me awhile to realise what I discovered. 
The greatest of all discoveries and in the name of Jack Smith. 
So there you go Jack. -- The Inca/Mayan/Aztec and Egypt and those before them, they hybrid plant life to increase sugar and starch and yield, never once knowing they had created stimulants, that would profoundly alter all of mankind and the earth itself.  
Yours Truly, Tom Bunnell --
USS Houston surviving family member.
Nephew of Victor Bunnell, "Bird" our family called him.
Bird went down with the ship.
My dad, Thomas Bunnell Sr. joined the Navy to avenge the sinking of the USS Houston.
He never made it home.
This is the greatest and most important discovery of all time.
Thank You. Tom Bunnell -- 25, December, 2012
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My Name is Tom Bunnell

I perform at non-alcohol and non drug venues like college campus meetings and theaters all over the Untied States (and World) promoting my anti-drug message and singing and playing because I like too. Free CD's and DVD's are available.

 Every child who has a parent who uses marijuana or amphetamines is a neglected and abused child. These parents are typically in denial so that they can feed these drug addictions and do not believe this to be true, a sad reality for these innocent children.

These children are being forced to be in the presence of these people who are high on drugs and whose spirits and emotions and personalities are altered and affected by these drugs. These drug users are affected 24 hours a day 365 days a year but they don't know it. These children are being forced to be around these crazy people (whom they love) and are being driven crazy themselves.

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The Bunnell Farm 
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 56501 

Tom's Book
By Thomas Lawson Bunnell Jr.
The Guiding principal here is the simple fact that we are dumb---We are human beings every one of us and everyone of us is dumb. This is hard for us to fathom. It is harder yet for us to fathom this as an actual fact---Not somewhat, sort of, or maybe, but actually--Actually in every sense of the word. We are dumb. We have been thinking of ourselves as at least fairly bright and articulate intelligent educated perceptive aware human beings. This is how dumb we are--we're so dumb we don't know we're dumb. That my friend is how dumb we are.



The Damage this World has Sustained, both to the Earth itself and all it's Life Forms, Mostly or most Importantly for this Discussion the Human Race and all of the Social and Mental and Physical Ramifications and Most Importantly the What Happened and What can we do about it and the What are the Causes and Effects of all this damage to this world and all its peoples, are the subjects and topics of this book.

For all of you who think this is not occurring and for all of you who think that this has not been occurring, you may as well leave right now, Good Bye.

Complacent and Complacency play in here.

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary's definition of Complacent is..

1 : COMPLACENCE - Self satisfaction accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. Think about that, your complacence or to be complacent is self satisfaction accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.

Substances and Religions are the Causes and Effects of our Destruction to Mankind and the Earth Itself. This is probably over your head. Substances and Religions causing and effecting the destruction of mankind and the earth it self. What kind of a nut case must I be.

Mark Twain:
All schools, all colleges, have two great functions: to confer, and to conceal, valuable knowledge. The theological knowledge which they conceal cannot justly be regarded as less valuable than that which they reveal. That is, when a man is buying a basket of strawberries it can profit him to know that the bottom half of it is rotten.
-1908 notebook

Mark Twain:
Man is the religious animal. He is the only religious animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion –- several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat, if his theology isn't straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother's path to happiness and heaven.

The Substances that Effect the Human Psyche and Human Body and Effect and Wrought our very Souls and Spirits and our Entire Existence and Being, for both Man, Woman and Child are:

Hybrid Carbohydrates
And all of the derivatives of all of these drugs...
There are others. These are the Dominant Life Altering Drugs [along] with countless Pharmaceuticals, that have and are destroying us.
All of our fruits and grains and vegetables and everything else that we eat and drink have been hybrid to raise their sugar contents a thousand times over. Combine this with the abundant and unnatural availability by the shipload and you will come to realize that we are consuming these massive amounts of sugar the world over on a daily basis and think nothing of it.
One big giant accident.
Adrenaline and Dopamine and Endorphins and Insulin are not supposed to be in our blood stream all the time.
Unnatural amounts of stimulants and sugars trigger the above and more. 
The effects are profound. 
Religions and spiritual beliefs, a lot of them outgrowths of these chemicals, that have and are causing and sustaining all of this distortion are Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddha and Judaism and all their variations and sects as well as all the lesser cults that have formed no doubt as outgrowths of all of the above. These are all Dominant Root Causes and Effects of the Situation and the World and Life we find Ourselves in Today.

These Drugs and these Religions, stimulate our minds and senses and make us feel all knowing and superior and confident and powerful, this sureness and worthiness that we feel, be it humble and loving or lustful and dangerous is nothing more than the drug or religious experience that is giving us these false reality's that we feel are actual and real.
 Our sense of an enemy presence, seen or unseen, known or unknown is also not only distorted and altered but false and not real, leaving us without our ability's to function properly and survive and prosper in terms of our health and well-being, something all the other species and life forms still have.

We are scrambled eggs...........scrambled eggs with tons of ingredients thrown in. We are trying to unscramble scrambled eggs, almost an impossibility but a total necessity. There is no other choice.

Mix these in with our innate senses of territory and "turf" and our mating and family raising instincts as well as our tribal and grouping instincts and then distort all these actual parts of our being with these drugs and religions and you have the insanity and greed and war mongering insanity that prevails today and has for thousands and thousands of years,.. but not always,..

This is where I add the Bear, Wolf, Eagle, Fox and all life forms and their perfections. The same perfections we humans knew for millions of years. Life, in all its greatness, the real actual greatness, just looks around you.

The Bear, Wolf, Eagle, Fox is who we are.

For those of you who think this is bullshit, for those of you who think that this current world is the far superior, and that this is nothing more than a feeble attempt at nothingness, I would pity you were it not for the fact that you feed this dragon and destroy our children and the children of all others. You have no brain, you are an utter fool.

There is no way to magically alter or remove all this aberration but by looking and seeing and opening our eyes and minds to the actualness of this dilemma, we can alter and change and undo what we can in our generations and leave the best foundation possible for our children so that they can improve ours and there futures..

To complete this circle I will add gambling, as out of context as this seems it needs to be said.

Now if we were magically able to remove all this distortion from the earth and we were able to imagine life where none of this ever existed, we would be looking at the real world and life as it was meant to be, and was, for millions and millions of years. This can easily be done individually but for the masses to comprehend and do this is not going to happen. Awareness and enlightenment and reality are not some magical, spiritual, mystical, hard to see or understand thing, they are simple truths right in front of and inside of you, your innate being.
The earth was perfect and we were perfect.
Just like all of the other species.

The if, and the how, we can recover as much of our original, native, true existence as possible, is our endeavor.


For the Children


Putting all this in the context of the present, and our present world and our 21st Century mentality, that we not so wantonly acquired, my goal....


Tom's Book, by Tom Bunnell Is being edited and transcribed by myself on Microsoft Word, I will enter the first part now.

Tom's Book or Dad's Book or Grandpa's Book
(originally) "When Bitches Rule" (But that’s not really a very good name). "Once a Fool", that’s a really good name.
"Computers Rule" "The Views and Opinions of a 21st Century Zealot with the Ramblings and Confessions of a Mad Man."...Tom Bunnell

This book is a long time coming, its about life, life as it is...and life as it should as it was meant to be. It is the Summation of a lifetime. This is an actual book written by me, Tom Bunnell. I’m a big fat guy who lives in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, I am 58 years old and the father of three children, one son and two daughters. My oldest is my daughter Sandie, she is 41 years old.

This is Saturday February 14, 2004 about 11:00 AM I have been up for several hours, up as in out of bed, not up as in dope.

My second is Tom Bunnell Jr. who is actually the III, he is 37, I am Jr. and my youngest daughter Jamie is 22. I have 9 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I live for my children and grandchildren. I believe that is what all parents and grandparents do...if they are fortunate enough to realize and fortunate enough to have children. That is what we are put on this earth for, at least that is our primary purpose in life. The fact that we get to have such wonderful lives and such a life filled existence is the by-product of the making and the raising of children. Gods gift to all of us.

This book is written in the narrative form, I think I learned it in High School. I went to High School in Federal Way, Washington from about 1959 to 1962, my graduating class would have been 1963 I believe. Anyway in literature. That’s lit class, 9th or 10th grade, we had book reading assignments and I think it was John Goldfarb Please Come Home or something close to that, maybe Wrong Way Goldfarb, I can’t remember but the style in what I call narrative form and his take on life and the humor impressed me, so that is partly the style I have ended up copying.

William Peter Blatty Authored the (above) John Goldfarb Please Come Home; 1964 New York, Crest Books 1st Printing Paperback. The movie tie-in for Blatty`s madcap novel that was filmed with Shirley McLain in the lead. The film was a huge flop, that helped to almost bring down 20th Century Fox. Blatty went on to author "The Exorcist" in 1971 and the screenplay in 1973 and to win an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award that year for his work as both author and producer.

I am not really well read although I have read a lot. This Book is an Autobiography, written in the interest of stopping drug use. This is my third attempt, I started writing originally on the Classmates website at my High School chat room. I got mad at Classmates for flashing pornography at us members and got in a fight with them and they refused to accept any responsibility, they said it was not there doing and their support people actually believed them, I didn’t, so I called them names and canceled my membership, no money was returned, I didn’t want any anyway. Porno slips in about everywhere, a sad reality. So I will add some of that writing and some more I wrote and stored, I printed most of it if I can find it, I think you will all enjoy hearing my banter.

The second coming of Christ is not going to happen. That leaves us with the need to improve and change our lot. There are no words to describe our plunder. That goes for mankind in general and we Europeans specifically. Where all this insanity came from and where it is going is what this book is all about. The “what we can do about it”, is the reason. Enormous unfathomable changes are possible and doable only if we acknowledge our faults and wrong doings, no small task. Where to begin is a good place to start. I have no idea, my hope is that a way and a how will form in this writing. This is far to important for me to play with words but I seem to find it necessary, probably to lighten the load of the reality I bare. So please bare with me and I will try to find a way to make this enjoyable and entertaining so it will get read and accomplish its goals of persuading the multitudes of our folly and the reality of the suffering of the innocents this horrendousness is causing, how to make humor amongst all this is beyond me, maybe it won’t turn out to be humorous. We will see. The spirit leads.


A little bit about myself, I was born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on April 11, 1945 at St. Mary’s Hospital. Doctor John Rutledge Sr. delivered me into this world. My mother and dad and sister Patty were quite proud. I was happy to be here I am sure although I don’t consciously remember my delivery or the following days. I am told it was a long hard delivery that my mother properly endured and then she was gassed, just prior to the actual delivery. That’s what they used in those days to put people under for surgery etc. I am sure my mother and I were about to experience, after an excruciatingly painful 24 hours with the contractions and all, a birth indescribably wonderful, with the actual birthing and me entering into this world through the birth canal and of course the fantastic ultimate orgasmic birth itself. A beyond description experience, typical of all natural births, especially after such a long hard labor. The straight laced nuns and doctor were not able to be witness to such ecstasy so just moments before my birth they gassed my mother, in the name of helping her, a typical practice in those days, so she was robbed of Gods gift to motherhood and the birthing process since time immortal. My birth was a natural birth but my mother was made unaware and unresponsive because of the gas...

Man’s inhumanity to man, or should I say, man’s and woman’s inhumanity to woman. She doesn’t complain but I do, she should not have been deprived of that beautiful moment.

A golden shower,.. a little Mexican told me one time, she sparkled and smiled warm and bright,.. she moved her hands in a showering motion.., she said that was how her mother described her birth.

A woman’s psychological being and temperament as well as all of her maternal instincts come forth with these moments, making her a complete woman with all of her nurturing and rearing and protecting instincts in full blossom...pure love and pure health. Modern medicine has deprived hundreds of millions of births...and said this is good. I was attacked and mutilated a few days after my birth by our doctor and his nurses ( circumcision ) and told this was the proper and right thing to do, I don’t think I thought so then and I most assuredly don’t think so now.

I was conceived in Oakland, California in July of 1944, my dad was in the Navy and was stationed there at the time, they were doing training exercises in San Francisco Bay preparing for what would turn out to be the final months of battle with Japan as well as Adolph Hitler and his The Third Reich German Army, the war had been raging for several years and my dad had joined the Navy to avenge the death of his oldest brother Victor Bunnell also from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Vic, they called him Bird, who had been in the Navy for several years prior to the war was a career enlistee along with another brother Morris who was in the Army.

Bird was stationed on the USS HOUSTON, a World War One Battleship, they were in the Pacific Ocean about 10 hours out of Pearl, headed for the Asiatic Fleet when the Japs struck Pearl Harbor. They had just shipped out from Pearl Harbor about 10 hours before the Attack, they knew war was eminent and had been directed to sail into the deep Pacific and join an Aussie and British and Dutch ship also in those waters.

The Japs reigned after Pearl Harbor and sought out any remaining ships they could find. The USS HOUSTON was directed to stay and fight, they knew it was a death sentence. National Honor was at stake after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Had they been ordered to retreat immediately they could have made it to safer waters and possibly survived to fight later. They, along with the Brit and Aussie and Dutch did stay and did fight, they fought with all there might, the Japs sunk them some two months after Pearl Febuary 28, 1942 It was over by 12:00 AM March 1, Bird went down with the ship. They said the 16 inch gun turrets bellowed steam when they hit the water, they were red hot from shooting the last of the ammunition and they were shooting the only thing they had left at them, flares, they were shooting there flares at them when they went under.

It wasn’t known what happened to the Houston and the Britt and Aussie and Dutch until after the war. Tokyo Rose had been on the air several times the days and weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor and said they had sunk the USS Houston and for the Yankee’s to give up, the Houston reappeared and came out fighting each time except the last time, nothing was heard or known, we knew though, we just didn’t know exactly where or how. After the War was over in 1945, 288 survivors of the Houstons 1068 crew were found on an island near Java. They had been prisoners of war to the Japanese for over four years, an horrendous occurrence for the survivors, Bird had gone down with the ship. Over 368 men had survived the sinking of the ship and now only 288 had survived the death marches and labor and prison camps.

A book written in the eighty’s called "The Last Battle station" The Saga of the USS HOUSTON can be found at most libraries and the web site It is a tribute to the many men who gave there lives in defense of the United States Of America and the Free World in World WAR II

Prior to my conception I lived with my mother in the Strawberry Lake area near Richwood, Minnesota close to Sugar Bush Lake, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. My grandfather had settled here in 1935 in the White Earth Indian Reservation near Detroit Lakes. I was also in the Navy fighting the Japs and Germans and was currently stationed in Oakland, San Francisco Bay. My mother along with my sister and I had taken a train from Detroit Lakes, to where my dad was currently stationed in Oakland.

So here I am in Oakland, California. Me and dad have been doing escort services for the fleets and convoys crossing the oceans with supplies and Ammunitions for the War with Japan and Germany. We’re winning but with a cost of thousands of lives, millions and millions of lives.

If World War I was the war to end all wars somebody missed something, modern war ( 1941-1945 ) with all the armament and munitions and ships and planes have created forces unimagined. Hitler’s Germany and Japan had prepared and trained for war for decades, no small wonder they felt invincible with all their weaponry and manpower. They thought the logistics of America coming to them were not doable, they thought they could beat us down as we advanced with there great armies and Sea and Air Power and they would reign supreme and they would be the mighty victors. We could have wiped them off the face of this earth before we were through. We could have wiped whole continents off the face of this earth. We could have taken over the whole earth with our armies and bombs, the atom bomb. To say we reared up and fought would be an understatement. The Atom Bomb ended one war but we didn’t know it had started another. The cold war and the war to end all wars.

The entire United States along with Canada and our allies the world over and all there citizens, had attacked, we had been attacked and we were being attacked and we attacked back, the harder they fought the harder we fought, man, woman and child. Japan and Germany would not rule, then, now or ever. Never would we allow our people to be ruled or destroyed by these war mongers. Whatever there problem was, attacking and killing our nations was not going to happen. Whatever our faults were and are would be worked on but the killing and ruling of our men, women and children was not going to happen.

Dad and I were just doing our part, whatever that took, just like the hundreds of millions of others. Mom and I were on our way to Oakland to be with Dad, he and I were doing training exercises in the Bay, training to do minesweeping on the oceans so the Allied Fleets could safely pass. It was a long hot ride on that train but mom and me and my sister Patty were going to see dad and nothing mattered, we were happy, joyful, excited. The train was full of Military---Army, Navy and Marines & Air force personal & lots of others, we were a country on the move, we had been fighting hard for going on four years. Everybody loved Patty, she was not quite two and just as adorable as two year olds can be and she was going to see her daddy. Everybody loved mom and me too. Dad and I were excited too, we were going to get to see ma and me and Patty.

It wasn’t very long after we got there...